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Interview of Paul : Technical engineer

After hearing about our factory and ancestral know-how,  Paul, a technical engineer, came to visit us at the factory.  Discover his impressions through this interview. Contact us : here Our website : here
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My internship in India - Dwarka Jewel

This year, I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and doing my internship in India at Dwarka      Jewel Jaipur This is how a work-related trip is transformed into much more than that through adventures, discoveries and unique experiences. Discover in some photos my trip to Rajasthan 1) Udaipur The romantic city and the city of lakes. The ideal place to stroll along the water's edge and go boating 2) Agra Discovering the Taj Mahal symbol of love, an impressive and magnificent monument to look at, I could not come to India without visiting it! 3) Pushkar  city of the god Brahma, small and very pleasant with a street market ideal for shopping. 4) Jaipur The pink city full of surprises with its modern, trendy places but also its magnificent forts and beautiful temples. 5) Jasalmer The great desert of Rajasthan, named the golden city. An incredible adventure where it is possible to do all kinds of activities such as parasailing, camel riding, quad biking... 6) New Delhi I was struck by

Travelling experience : girl alone in india 2022

The influence of the media   With the influence of the media, we often tend to view India as a difficult country to travel to. Fault in the images, always selected to show us poverty, hunger or even the climate, we have a vision that is sometimes not complete and therefore distorted of this beautiful country.   My fears   I was afraid to come here, with fears linked to bad preconceptions. Maybe not being able to go out quietly as a woman, not being able to eat or drink properly, not being able to stand the heat, or even not being able to make myself understood.   Reality   In reality, India has become my most beautiful trip, I have met people who are always ready to help, there are water filters everywhere, all places are ventilated, air-conditioned, and it is easy to get around by tuktuk or car or uber , I never had a problem going home alone, and India even gave me a feeling of tranquility. Modern India   Finally here, I would have discovered magnificent landscapes, but also an India

What materials for your jewelry: Gold, Silver or brass described by Dwarka jewel

Dwarka Jewel offers the realization of your jewelry in gold, silver or brass. In order to know the different aspects and assist you in the choice of raw material, here is the description of each of them. Gold jewelry   Gold is a noble metal that resists oxidation and corrosion caused by humidity. It is considered like a precious metal for its rarity and high value. It is the most malleable of all precious metals and resists rust, corrosion and tarnish. It is this durable and functional nature that has made it a favorite metal for jewelry makers over the centuries. Gold can also be melted down and reformed into new gold piece who making it reusable. The price of gold depends on a few key factors including the karatage or purity of the gold used, the current market value of gold, and craftsmanship and design.   Silver jewelry   Silver is difficult to work with in its purest form. It is therefore often mixed with copper to make it more flexible. There are several types of silver metal, su

Manufacturing and know-how - Jewellers - Rajasthan

India is where most handcrafted jewelry is made. Mainly in Rajasthan, entire villages, small craftsmen and workshops like Dwarka Jewel have been working with silver and gold for many generations. It is also in Jaipur that more than 45% of the stones are cut with precious and semi-precious stones from all over the world. The Maharajas ordered sumptuous adornments and the Indian know-how is incomparable and inimitable. A particular stone may be chosen for reasons other than just its appeal. According to Hindu astrology, each of the nine planets in the Hindu universe is represented by a specific stone. Every Indian knows the ruling planet at the time and date of their birth, as it is believed to exert a strong influence on that person's life. From the most ancient times, gems have been perceived as divine signs and Indian jewelry has relayed them. You can discover the meanings of stones in our article about theirs virtues too.   Specialist in the field of Jewelry, we presented the s

ASTRO LITHOTHERAPY : Cancer the sign of the moment

The natives of June 21 to July 22 belong to the sign of Cancer, 4th sign of the Zodiac whose constellation is linked to the myth of Hercules. Symbolized by the crab in the shell accompanied by the emotional Cancer likes to withdraw, this astrological sign is governed by the element Water and the star of the Moon. THE BEAUTIFUL QUALITIES OF CANCER, SIGN OF WATER What characterizes the sign of Cancer, as a true sign of Water, is its extreme sensitivity. Emotions on edge, Cancerians derive a capacity for intuition that allows them to feel the world. This sometimes incredible intuition comes to them in particular from their empathetic and caring nature.  Cancer's hypersensitivity sometimes pushes it to its limits. Not supporting conflict situations, he then has trouble controlling his anger. The result is a form of aggressiveness in difficult times.  GREEN AVENTURINE, LUCKY STONE FOR CANCER Green aventurine is an ideal Cancer stone, whose virtues work on many aspects of this astrologi

Make an impression with artisans designed jewellery in Jaipur

You want to create a new brand ? Design your jewelry brand ? You are a private label ? Or want to make the difference with your collection ? Why not choose Ashok at Dwarka jewel in Jaipur ? Dwarka Jewel is an artisans factory. We design, manufacturer and make unique jewellery in silver, gold brass and gemstones for brands and privates lebels who want to look like themselves instead of everybody else and we've been doing it for over 40 years . Our customers love our unique designs , variety choices of gemstones, of raw material and rought stones cutting in every shape. Here a small selection of gorgeous pieces  of our artisan that designed jewellery. Our collections are fair trade and sustainable. Visite our website : Click here Wich one is your favorite ? Put us a comment 😀